Brains and Games – Embrace your inner geek and stimulate your mind

Over the last few weeks StretchIT has been busy creating the webspace for Brains and Games, an online retail store.

From the owner of Brains and Games:

It began in early 2015 with my two favourite boys, some gaming merchandise and some well-crafted brain teasers. Brains and Games grew out of our families' passion (pronounced obsession) for games, mind bending brain teasers, gaming merchandise and fun and quirky products. With an ever increasing amount of "wow where'd you get that?" 's and "can you get one for me?" coming at us from all angles we wanted to be able to share, showcase and supply a larger range of what we were personally enjoying, with YOU.

Having an experienced, professional web developer on hand at home made this task a lot more achievable and fun. I say fun, he may refer to the experience (well yes, ok I "may" have applied the same level of scrutiny and attention to detail in the development and design of this Site as I do to the selection of our products) as something else entirely! Regardless, a huge thank you has to go out of the love of my life for the selfless blood, sweat and tears he has put into this Site, and for his patience. Definitely for his patience!

Thank you Adam from StretchIT.

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Scrapers R Us – Concrete Pump Accessories

Getting online can be tough at times. It feels like you are trying to break through cement footings!

Well this South Australian small business knows something about concrete footings and what it takes to get the job done! Designed and manufactured in South Australia, Wally has gone through trial and error to create products for the cement truck pumpers out there!

It's a back breaking job, but with the tools and accessories from Scrapers R' Us you will be standing straight after the job is done!

From hopper scrapers to adjustable rollers to skid pans, Wally is the bloke you want to speak to for your concrete pump accessories.

Scrapers R Us - StretchIT client

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Aria Electrical – Electricians in North Perth

Sometimes when you own a business the step of entering in to the world of the web can be delayed no more. My friends at Aria Electrical in Perth offer domestic and commercial electrical services to the North Perth area and have just release their new website (actually is their first website).

When they asked me how they can get Google to find this brand new website I said “Get someone else to tell Google you exist!”

What does that mean?

By having a website that Google already is aware of creating some content and linking back to the new site is like having your best friend tell you about the latest thing you must check out!

So, If you are in the Perth area and require electrical services, give Aria Electrical a call!

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